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30 episodes and going strong! To celebrate, we’re bringing our best show yet.

OG lost a computer last week, forcing him to take a week off from the podcast (thanks to Doug for filling in!). That means that it’s a good week to talk about risk management… What can go wrong? What should you do about it? Joe & OG tackle some lessons gleaned from Hollywood stars who’ve lost fortunes, PK discusses credit, Lance from Money, Life & More and Greg from Club Thrifty join Joe to discuss covering your bases with insurance, and finally, we give you our Top 5 Ways to Protect Your Portfolio.

As usual, show notes will fill in throughout the day Monday

2 Guys & Your Money Show 30: Notes

<> Open

<1:50> H&R Block offer: Save 15% on your tax prep!

<4:56> Lessons learned from stars who’ve run into money trouble

<15:58> PK’s Fractional Sense: Credit

1 in 20 have a catastrophic error on their credit report

Link in PK’s segment: annualcreditreport.com

<23:54> Shortwave: Lance from Money, Life & More and Greg from Club Thrifty join us to discuss contingency planning.

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<40:11> Let’s Give Something Away

Our March Giveaway is Here! This month win one of Laura Vanderkam’s eBooks.

Link to our Giveaway

<> Top 5 Ways to Protect Your Portfolio

OG Top 5

5) Create a system to monitor your portfolio

4) Options (writing covered calls)

3) Stop loss

2) Diversification. Proper asset allocation

1) Nothing. We are our own worst enemy.

Joe Top 5

5) Dollar Cost Averaging

4) Rebalance

3) Scheduled meetings

2) Options (buying puts)

1) Stop loss


<> End: Films

– OG – Flight

– Joe – House of Cards

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