The Worst of the Free Financial Advisor Episode #12: Top 5 Ways to Save Money at the Gas Pump


Word for today: Splurge.

If you save pennies at the gas tank and don’t blindly submit to brand loyalty, you’ll have extra money to splurge on whatever you please.

That’s our theme this week. Sound good? Wait until you hear it…it’s even better!

Here are the show notes:

<Open> Japanese toilets might improve Nomura…or not.

<> On the Blog: OG talks about his comparison of golf and financial prowess: here’s the piece: How Did You Golf Today? Ask Me About My Portfolio….

<> Fractured Cents: PK on Blind Loyalty…and how to score more from your favorite brands.

<> Roundtable:

We tried a new format this week. I got out of the way and let the team talk (like it’s really a roundtable!). That creates a few dead spots, but also much better interaction, I think. Let me know how you like it!

<> Giveaway! Holy cow, we can’t stop giving stuff away! This time? Larry Wingett’s financial book: You’re Broke Because You Want To Be

<> Top 5 Ways to Save at the Gas Pump

OG saw the Avengers. (thumb sorta up), Joe saw Snow White & the Huntsman (thumb way down)


A special thanks to our contributors. Here are their sites and some of the great stuff going on at each one. Please visit them and let them know you heard them first on our show!

PK is at – a good one last week: Things That Don’t Matter: Congressional Approval Polls

Carrie can be found at CarefulCents – a favorite: Summer Reading List: 10 Ways to Save Money on Books

Dr. Dean operates the Millionaire Nurse Blog – I think you’ll enjoy: Finding Solutions to Problems

Dom owns YourFinancesSimplified (not Carrie….) – try out – I Was Asked To Teach Two Personal Finance Classes

 And Crazy “Hockey Buff” Penzo can be found at the aptly monikered Len Penzo dot Com – you’ll love: I Just Made the Biggest Impulse Purchase of My Life (but it’s okay)

As always, more fun and surprises around every audio corner….enjoy!

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    • Average Joe says

      You sure that wasn’t the Julia Roberts one? Of course, that one wasn’t good either….just lots better (critics seem to agree with me on that).


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