Two Guys and Your Money #019: Black Friday Shopping – Hot Tech Toys and Budget Tips

What goes great with pumpkin pie? Obviously, it’s this week’s episode of Two Guys & Your Money!

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Show Notes:


<> PK: Election polling recap and the worst polls of all time.

<> Let’s Give Something Away

Special thanks to Fidelity Investments for sponsoring our show! Check out TheFreeFinancialAdvisor/Fidelity to find out how Fidelity has been helping clients for over 60 years.

<> Interview: Hot Gadgets! Special thanks to Julie Vlahon of

<> Interview: Black Friday Budgets: A big thank you to Shawanda Greene from You Have More Than You Think

<> End Show: Oprah’s Favorite Things, Skyfall, Argo and Lincoln.


Items Julie mentions on her interview:

Hot Holiday Tech Trends
1.            Ultrabooks.  IdeaPad Yoga 13 by Lenovo ($999, Available at Best Buy)
–              The IdeaPad® Yoga 13 is the world’s first multi-mode Ultrabook that provides the ultimate flexibility between a laptop and tablet. With its 10-point multi-touch screen and keyboard able to fold back 360°, it’s designed for work and play.
2.            Mobile and Multi-Device Charging. Instant Messenger Bag by Powerbag ($179.99, Available at  & Zip Mini Touch-n-Go by Joy Factory($49.95, Available at
–              Powerbag: Battery system powerful enough to charge a smartphone up to 4 times.  The laptop and tablet pockets are padded for safe transport, external one-touch battery level indication and power button: The logo button turns Powerbag on or off when you press and hold for 2 seconds.
–              Zip Mini: The Zip Mini is bundled with ultra-short, tangle-proof “ZipTails” which are equipped with rounded magnetic chargers at the end and connect to any of the dimpled spots on the main charging pad. The Zip Mini can charge up to four cellular phones at once.
3.            Wireless AudioRukus by Eton ($150, Available at Amazon) & Ecoxbt by ECOXGEAR ($129.99, Available at Amazon)
–              Rukus: a Bluetooth compatible boombox with solar panel. Never run out of power (the device also comes with an AC adapter for easy charging). Rukus also features an easy to read E Ink display that allows you to see stats like battery charge, solar charge and Bluetooth connectivity even in direct sunlight. It can also charge most devices that use a USB cable.
–              Ecoxbt: Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker.  It floats and has 10 hours of play time.
4.       Tablets:
iPad 4th Generation(starting at $499, Available at Amazon) We will have the 3rd generation on display as a stand in for the 4th generation.  We will just pretend it is the latest generation.  The biggest difference is a faster processor that you can’t visually see.
iPad Mini (starting at $329, Available at Amazon)
Google Nexus 7 (starting at $199, Available at Amazon)
Kindle Fire HD 7” (starting at $199, Available at Amazon)


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    • Average Joe says

      Thanks! We were VERY excited Julie could do the show after being on HLN. She was a great interview. Cool products. I especially liked the boom box with the solar panel.

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