2 Guys and Your Money 022: Making Life an Adventure – The Hobbit episode

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Just like a certain film that appeared in box offices last weekend, we have an epic podcast for you this month. Not only do we have unbelievable guests, but the stories our regular contributors share about their adventures is equally as exciting.

Show Notes


<> Open – Our favorite motivational phrases

<> Natalie Sisson – Suitcase Entrepreneur – Biking Africa

<> Len Penzo – Getting the big raise: Check out Len’s companion piece at his blog.

<> Chris Klinke – Mountain climber – Walking Away from Six Figures

<> Dr. Dean – Running for public office

<> Let’s Give Something Away: Mommy Millionaire

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<> Barbara Friedberg – Snagging a book contract

<> PK from DQYDJ – Avoiding TPS Reports and the Power of Automation

<> Jana from Daily Money Shot – Writing a Novel in 30 Days

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