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Monday…already? Where has the weekend gone? Luckily, we’re here like a little ray of sunshine in your drab Monday existence…with another awesome episode.

This week, not only one interview, but TWO, AND Carrie Smith is BACK in the house. I’m not sure how we’ll ever beat this episode.

How long has it been since you’ve been in a bank lobby? Forever? Sadly, for the most part, they haven’t changed…and neither have financial advisory offices. We’re talking this week with two men with teams pushing the envelope in the customer service department: Ted Jenkin and Ty Abston. We’re going to talk about the customer experience in banks and advisors offices and what they’ve done to overhaul the customer experience. Oxygen bar? Concierge? Conference rooms dressed like kitchens? Islands instead of a teller wall?



Show Notes

<> Open

<> H&R Block – Save 15%

<6:40> 7 Biggest Mistakes on Tax Returns

<14:00> Interview: Ted Jenkin, oXYgen Financial

Ted discusses the lobby, reception and conference rooms that his team uses to help families relax, be more productive, and complete a financial plan.

<25:35> Interview: Ty Abston, Guaranty Bond Bank

– Ty shares his firm’s new bank lobby and online experiences.

<43:10> Shortwave: Customer Service

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Carrie Smith – Monthly Progress Report: Time to Make a Change

Dominique Brown – Fighting the Rising Cost of Business Phones

Len Penzo – How To Tell If You’re Dating a Deadbeat

<57:55> Let’s Give Something Away!

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<1:04:25> PK from State Income Taxes

<> End

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    • Average Joe says

      Another classic comment from Darnell. You’re absolutely correct. Funnier…when I was practicing, I saw too many people soaking themselves because they were clueless (like buying gold with all of their money).

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