101 Ways to Make Extra Money In Your Spare Time – A Review

Wondering how to make a few extra dollars? We read Jackie Beck’s new book to dig for moolah.

Yesterday Jackie Beck appeared on our podcast to discuss some of the ideas from her book 101 Ways to Make Extra Money in Your Spare Time. For those of you that don’t listen to podcasts, I thought I’d review the book here. My overall feeling: this is well worth the investment in time and money if you’re in the book’s target group.

Let’s start out with what this book isn’t. If you’re a person who’s confident that you’re doing everything it takes to make money, this book isn’t for you. Of course, the title gives this away, right? It also isn’t an in depth look at any of the 101 ways to make money, although Jackie includes tons of links in the e-book to many, many outlets for readers to begin gathering more information.  As a sometimes-reader of magazines like Real Simple, I’m often disappointed when good tips seem to be skewed toward one gender or another (in the case  of Real Simple, it’s women….which is why I don’t read the magazine often). 101 Ways to Make Money includes ideas for men and women, and of varying skill level. Simply put, there’s a little something for everyone.


Who Should Read 101 Ways To Make Extra Money In Your Spare Time?


Jackie mentioned online that her early readers seem to be stay-at-home moms. While I stated that this book does a great job of remaining gender neutral, it’s ideal for a stay-at-home mom or anyone looking to earn a few extra dollars on the side. It’s also great for that person who works a 9-5 job and is hunting for something else to bring in a few (or many) extra dollars. From raking leaves (obvious and easy) to setting up an Etsy shop and selling crafts (more pointed and needing a little skill), there are lots of tasks that can easily fit into a weekend or after work schedule.


The Capital Problem


In many cases, it takes money to make money, and that’s the case with some of these suggestions. Don’t think that you’re going to get 101 pairs of ruby slippers you tap together three times to fill your greedy little paws with cash. There will be work, and in many cases, you might need a little moolah to fund your new business venture.




Jackie, who writes at the MoneyCrush blog, among other places, is a seasoned writer, and it shows. Her style is easy and straightforward. While I breezed through this book, it wasn’t because it was void of information. In fact, Jackie’s style makes it simple to grasp some fairly complicated ways to make money as if it were easy.


Why Pay For A Book of Ideas?


When I first heard about this book, I thought, “why the hell would I pay money for a book of ideas, when there are so many resources on the internet?” Here’s exactly why: for me, time is valuable and the cost of having a consolidated list that points you toward deeper text on any of the ideas presented is invaluable. Do you want to spend your time figuring out how to make money or do you want to find a way quickly and spend your time working the idea? If you’re like me, your time is valuable and you’re hoping to just get on with it. Jackie’s book, priced at $4.99, is an ultra-low cost way to cut to the chase scene in your money-making pursuit.


What Don’t I Like About the Book?


If I had to pick something that could have been improved, it is how little  these ideas are explored. There’s no discussion of the capital outlay it might take to be successful in each business or the amount of money each one could reasonably bring in. Of course, I understand that this isn’t the point of the book and I’m nit-picking. I could easily see Jackie digging into some of these ideas to help readers gain a leg up on marketing, competition and creative ways to stand out from the crowd of other people doing these same tasks, if she chose to expand the book in the future.


Final Analysis:


For people looking to make a few easy dollars or to dip their toe into entrepreneurship, 101 Ways to Make Extra Money In Your Spare Time has the ideas you need to help you create a spark. If you don’t ask it for details, you’re going to be a happy reader, and at less than $5, it’s easy to justify making this investment to more quickly focus on the right income earning path for you.

Interested in purchasing the book? We liked it enough that we joined Jackie Beck’s affiliate program. Click the link here or in the article to head to Jackie’s order page if you have questions, want more info, or would like to purchase a copy.

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  1. says

    It’s hilarious the mentality of some people these days.

    They want something so they show up with an empty box or they walk up with their hand out.

    Listen folks.

    Even when I started out cutting grass at 11 years old I knew I had to put something in to get something out.

    I had to buy a gallon of gas back then $.99/gal and then start knocking on my neighbors doors to build my client base.

    These days everyone wants something handed to them but then they don’t like what they’ve been given. it’s crazy.
    Darnell Jackson recently posted..What I learned from Adrienne Smith – Q&A with the founder of AdrienneSmith.netMy Profile

    • Average Joe says

      What the hell’s going on here, Darnell? You show up and write an awesome comment that I totally agree with??? Are you sick?

  2. says

    I love objective reviews like this – straightforward and honest, with easy-to-digest information! Thanks, Joe!

    I think the aversion to any initial capital investment has a lot to do with internet culture. No matter what market, it only takes a single ‘free alternative’ to make people wonder why they ever had to pay in the first place – and forget what they were paying for. For instance, in the news industry, people will bemoan the journalistic quality of a (free) blog, but will also complain about the cost of a newspaper subscription.

    Much like Darnell suggested, that attitude seems to be spreading from consumption to investment.
    Jennifer Willard recently posted..State of Perpetual Motivation: How I Stay InspiredMy Profile

    • Average Joe says

      It’s funny, Jennifer. I have a friend who’s a banker and another who is a cheap ass. The cheap ass can never figure out why the banker never calls him for the “good deals” when they come around. The banker told me last week it’s because the cheap ass always fights him for an eighth of a point on a loan and goes to the internet instead…proving again that the guy who wants something for nothing completely misses the upside of building relationships. You’re right on: internet culture can build some bad habits…..

    • Average Joe says

      You’re on to me, Kim. I had to put down the Southern Living article on dining room colors for spring to even reply to your comment.

  3. says

    Sounds like a great read. I love brainstorming sessions, and this sounds like quite a good one. Idea books are great because they get the brain juices flowing, and then you can dive in to the “how-to” once you find what you are drawn toward. Thanks for the review Joe.
    Jacob @ iHeartBudgets recently posted..How To Begin InvestingMy Profile

    • Average Joe says

      That’s exactly it, Jacob: it’s a brainstorming session…where Jackie’s thrown away the moronic ideas and left the good ones.

    • Average Joe says

      The colors they use in the make-up ideas don’t seem to mesh with my receding hairline, Mackenzie. That’s the whole problem.

    • Average Joe says

      Thanks, DC. I’d say this book definitely is NOT for you, though. You always seem to be juggling about 50 different things…

    • Average Joe says

      “Change for candies”…you are funny. I don’t know if you’ll like it or not, but I do know that you’ll agree with the review after you read it.

  4. says

    Thanks for the review. The majority of books under this category or style that are being developed are really helpful at showcasing 100+ ideas to someone completely unaware of them. The majority of them I find to be very boring, too simplistic and disappointing.

    As you have stated, most suggestions do not go beyond a paragraph or two along with a link. 99% of the suggestions could probably be found on blogs like yours and mine.

    I’m not trying to be negative towards Jackie’s book. It’s obvious who her target audience is. It is possible that a great many of them are unaware of these ideas and would benefit from first time exposure. For experienced bloggers, financial savvy persons, and readers here, it’s likely to be too little.
    Scott @ Youthful Investor recently posted..How to Identify a Trustworthy BrokerMy Profile

    • Average Joe says

      Thanks for the comments, Scott. It depends on where you are in your search. If your time is valuable and you’re developing your short list, $5 is a quick way to cut to the next level.

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