The Worst of the Free Financial Advisor Episode 6: Top 5 Business Start-Up Tips

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Paula Pant from AffordAnything joins the Roundtable Crew to talk tiny houses. I’m sure this site is worth a ton more because Paula agreed to hang out with us.

Show Notes:

<open> Show stats from, our host. We have over 70 listeners (shortly after recording we reached 85!).

<9:16> OG & Joe’s financial concerns: OG is buying a car and Joe can’t stop going to restaurants

<17:09> Fractional Cents w/ PK from DQYDJ.NET – Kelly Criterion.

<26:52> The Roundtable: Tiny Houses

We discuss Sicorra’s piece: These Tiny Houses Fascinate Me

<58:41> Top 5 Tips to Start a Business

Books mentioned: Ravings Fans, The E-Myth, The Goal, Execution

(check these books out.  On Amazon right now, they’re all about 45% off…)


On the Sites:

Your Finances Simplified: Stop Paying Your Mortgage Today!…and be a Victim!

Len Penzo dot Com: Use a Ledger to Teach Kids Money Management Skills

The Millionaire Nurse Blog: 20 Ways to Improve YOUR Customer Service

Afford Anything: We Bought a Second Rental House!


The segment that shall not be named wasn’t included in this week’s show. Our Roundtable ran long.






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    • Average Joe says

      She’s nuts! We were happy she joined the show this week. It was fun…felt like I’ve known her forever.

    • Average Joe says

      That’s interesting because they were all saying they wished they could have been in on the Kelly Criterion discussion! 😉


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