2 Guys and Your Money Episode #021: When Your Job Goes Bye Bye

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It’s job transition time on this week’s show.

If you’re ready to leave your job OR you’ve been asked to leave, this is the show for you.

Thanks to Evil HR Lady, Suzanne Lucas, for explaining severance tricks and to Jefferson from See Debt Run for giving us some awesome interview tips.

PK talks statistics while Len Penzo, Barbara Friedberg, Dominique Brown and Dr. Dean Burke discuss how to handle the unemployed period.

On this episode we find out who won the November giveaway.


Show Notes:

<> Open

Book reference: 48 Days To The Work You Love by Dan Miller

<5:35> Interview with Suzanne Lucas from Evil HR Lady.org – Severance Packages

<19:32> PK from DQYDJ.net: The most interesting employment statistic

<23:52> Shortwave: How to handle your money when you’re between jobs

Check out the bloggers featured on our Shortwave segment here

<42:00> Let’s Give Something Away:

Guess that voice, tweet or become a Facebook friend and enter the giveaway here.

<48:30> Jefferson from SeeDebtRun discussing his article The Interview Question That Is ALWAYS Asked

<1.02:22> End Show: Films

OG: Waiting For Superman (thumb up), Joe: Life of Pi (thumb up)



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  1. says

    Great Podcast.. I agree that some organizations are closing up the books for the year and setting goals for the next year and sometimes that means saying goodbye to employees. It’s probably the worst thing that could happen to someone but the reality is a business is a business. I know they say if you are going to let someone go it’s best to do it on a Friday rather than a Monday. When someone does lose their job some go into panic mode and literally freak out. It’s best to chill out relax, soak it up and make a game plan. There’s nothing worse than doing something you didn’t mean to do because you were in panic mode. The interview is the one place where you as a potential employee get to not only have questions tossed your way but you reciprocate asking your own questions. Why do I want to work for you? Cheers!
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    • Average Joe says

      Thanks for coming on the show, man! I’ve had some great emails from thankful listeners. You made fantastic points that’ll hopefully help some people get the job!


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