What’s the Difference Between Rich and Wealthy? #Podcast with Paul Sullivan


On the Stacking Benjamins podcast today: Paul Sullivan (New York Times columnist and bestselling author) shares stories about people who can’t save on $2M incomes….what’s the difference between rich and wealthy? He shares inspiring AND train wreck stories.

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Is That College Degree REALLY Worth It?


Lydia Frank from PayScale.com joins us to talk about their new college ROI survey. College is an expensive investment. You might have to go into debt to graduate. Doesn’t it make sense to find out first whether that degree is worth it?

If you aren’t worried at all about college, don’t worry….we’ve got stuff for you, too. PK is here discussing politics and investing. What’s the lesson we can learn from Chicago elections? You’ll find out. Joe & OG not only talk about old 401k plans and what to do with them….they also discuss more people suing their 401k provider AND take a letter from a listener whose advisor recommended moving money out of the market. Good or bad idea? We’ll weigh in.

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6 Money Saving Ideas That Aren’t – 2 Guys and Your Money #66


Crazy man Len Penzo sits in for OG on today’s show, reviewing his article from Len Penzo dot Com called Money Saving Ideas That Are Anything But.

Thanks to Len for sitting in today!


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<> Len Penzo – 6 Money Saving Ideas That Really Aren’t

Book Mentioned: Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bordain….I love this book:

How to Slash Your Tax Bill – 2 Guys & Your Money


This week Joe & OG tackle your tax bill….just in time for you to fill out your tax return.


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<> Joe & OG – Taxes Suck! How to Stick It To The Man With Taxes

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Sandy Smith Talks Gen Y Money Habits – 2 Guys and Your Money #064


Sandy-Headshot-LargeSandy Smith from Yes, I Am Cheap, joins us for a special episode of 2 Guys and Your Money (this episode Sandy and I decided to call A Guy, A Babe and Your Money….). How do Gen Y’ers manage money? We share statistics about how Gen Y pays bills, manage money, budget and invest money.


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<> Sandy Smith – What Can We Learn from Gen Y’s Money Habits?

Sandy’s Infographic at Yes, I Am Cheap!: Bill Payment Practices of Gen Y’ers

Sandy’s awesome special project: TheColorofMoney.net

Podcast: 5 Secrets Your Auto Agent Won’t Share


While it’s a good idea to have an auto agent (especially if you have a claim), agents aren’t all saints. There are five secrets your agent will avoid discussing with you about their job and your policy.

Show Notes:

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<> 5 Secrets Your Auto Agent Won’t Share