Blog Post of the Week! – New Site Design Edition

Ah, blog post of the week…how we’ve missed you.

But I’m going to have to half-ass this first installment. I didn’t get much time to read this week….we’re still moving furniture around here, but here it goes:

I l-o-v-e-d Matt Becker’s post at on picking life insurance. He’s even created a worksheet that you can use to figure out your own It’s a thoughtful piece about all the steps necessary to tackle that hard-ass (and often boring) task.

Here’s this week’s winner: How Much Life Insurance Do You Need?

Congrats! Matt, congrats on your prize. Here it is:

You may print this out and place it carefully on your fridge.

Another great post? Done By 40 met with the people at Personal Capital. Check out his experience.

By the way….Happy Friday, Stackers!

OG & I hope you love the redesign of our new home. That’s not all you’re getting. We’re unleashing a new wave of fun, actionable financial tips that’ll keep you comin’ back for more.

Big News For Us

The Stacking Benjamins podcast is within 100 downloads of 10,000 per month! Never listened to our shows?

Check out Stacking Benjamins and 2 Guys & Your Money.

Stuff Going On

I’m taking part in the $1,000 savings throwdown. Paula Pant of AffordAnything threw darts….John at FrugalRules is using a single index fund….and I’m going small cap. Want to hear my winning strategy? Here it is.

Pauline at SavvyScot is running a New Year Financial Bootcamp. Check it out!

Tonya ran a trail run on her quest for 13.1 coming up soon.

Kathleen got engaged (I’ve been told we’ll read about that from her soon).

Jefferson’s building niche sites.

What’s your big news? Share below.

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    • Average Joe says

      I can’t wait. I’m helping Cheryl try to run a fast pace at a marathon in Houston. I’ll be sore but happy about noon on Sunday :-)

  1. F2P Gal says

    Not surprised about the podcast success. You two rock! Very enjoyable to listen to and helps keep sound financial principles top of mind. I appreciate and have listened to every one of your episodes on STK and 2GYM.

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