Two Guys & Your Money 023: Better Work? Quality Trips to the Grocery Store?

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I know what you’re thinking…you guys have been doing this for at least eight months….isn’t it time for a Best Of episode?

Your prayers have been answered.

Because both OG and I are “out of the office” for the next several days, we’re giving you the best gift ever: listening to our early episodes while we were still getting the hang of podcasting. I know. You are so welcome.


Show Notes

<> Open

<> Our favorite early interview: Julie Clow, author of The Work Revolution

<> Our favorite PK piece: which funds to remove first to spend?

<> Our favorite roundtable piece:

<> Our favorite Top 5:

TODAY is your last chance to enter our Mommy Millionaire giveaway. No, we’re not giving away a mommy millionaire. We’re giving away the book (just to clear up any ambiguity).

<> Favorite holiday movies:  OG: Elf  Joe: Christmas Vacation


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