Hiring Advisors

While we agree with Suze Orman that nobody will care about your money quite as passionately as you, we also live in the real world, where people live busy lives and need help. Sometimes the advice to “go it alone” every time is laughable.

I could easily fix my own car when it breaks down. It would take me five times as long and cost me tons more money because of trial-and-error. Wouldn’t I rather just hire a mechanic?

So, if you’re at The Free Financial Advisor to find advice about how best hire an advisor, you’re in the right place. We’ve written many articles on sorting through the countless types of “professional” helpers so that you can garner clues, ask good questions, and hire the right person.


Try Out These Articles:


Thinking about hiring an advisor? Read this first: 5 Good Reasons to Hire a Financial Advisor and 2 Bad Ones.

Hiring a Financial Advisor: Clues From the Receptionist – Con’t just take the advisor’s word for it that “they’ll take care of you.” You can learn much from the moment you walk into an advisor’s office. Here are some first glance clues that might tip off whether an advisor is truly caring or not.

Worried about the cost? Try In Defense of Advisor Fees.

What Type of Financial Advisor Has Your Best Interest At Heart discusses designations and how to work through the alphabet soup of CFP and CFA.

What if your gut says your advisor might not be giving you good advice? Read When Your Advisor Doesn’t Make Sense.


Prefer Audio Tips? 


On our popular 2 Guys & Your Money podcast, we occasionally discuss financial advisors, but in one really early episode we tackled it head on. WFFA #2: Top 5 Reasons We Like the Roth IRA (the first topic of the hour-long podcast is about hiring an advisor).

On a much-later (and better produced) episode, Joe and guest-host “Next Door Neighbor Doug” talk about The Worst 5 Ways to Hire  a Financial Advisor on Two Guys & Your Money #14.


And For Fun


Ever wonder what the other side of the advisory relationship looks like? Here’s Joe’s story of being a new advisor trying to break into the career: In The Trenches: New Advisor Tales.