Credit Card Rewards and Changing the Budget for Baby: 2 Guys and Your Money 026


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Congrats to Dominique Brown of Your Finances Simplified on their little girl!!!!!

Holly from Club Thrifty joins us to talk about credit card rewards. Want to hear how she cha-ching’ed than $2,500 in rewards last year? We’ve got you covered.

Philip Taylor from PTMoney also joins in the fun. To celebrate the birth of Dominique Brown’s daughter, PT, Barb Friedberg, and Len Penzo talk about surprises when baby arrives and how to control costs….and your sanity! Bloggers, we also get the scoop on where FinCon will be held next year!


Show Notes


<> Open

<> H&R Block 15% Off Offer

<> 401k Plans Chasing Returns

<> Holly from Club Thrifty: Credit Card Reward Points

Here’s an article at Club Thrifty today on Holly’s strategy

<> Shortwave: Changing the Budget for Baby

Philip Taylor of PTMoney joins Len Penzo and Barbara Friedberg


– Diapers

– Formula

– Life Insurance

– Wills

– 529 Plans

– Day Care

– Stay at home spouse

<> Let’s Give Something Away!

How about a copy of the board game Power Grid?

<> Fractional Sense with PK from – PK takes a request from Steve Stewart of MoneyplanSOS about the Fair Tax.

<> Close: Films

Joe – Django (qualified thumbs up)

OG – The Five Year Engagement (thumbs sideways) and Taken 2 (thumbs down)


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  1. says

    OK, I’ll bite. If Holly from Club Thrifty has no desire to ever borrow money again, why is she doing all this Credit Card churning and putting stuff on credit cards?

    Sounds like she doesn’t consider credit card debt to be debt, even when paid off in 30 days.

    • says

      I put my groceries, gas, and regular spending on a rewards card and pay it off about once a week, Steve. It’s really not that complicated. Before I started churning, I always used a credit card for convenience anyway. The only difference is that now I do specific cards for rewards. The most important thing is that I pay it in full and never pay interest.

      But you’re right. I don’t consider buying groceries on credit and paying it off weekly as debt. It’s only temporary and it works well for me since I don’t like to carry cash! =)
      Holly@ClubThrifty recently posted..Our Credit Card Churning Plans for 2013My Profile


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