An Interview with Financial Guru Jean Chatzky! 2 Guys & Your Money Episode 33


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I know what you’re asking yourself, and I have both answers:

1) I have no idea why she agreed to be interviewed on our show, but I’m grateful.

2) Yes, she was charming, fun and great to talk to on the podcast. You’ll hear nearly the entire conversation she & I had together.

WE HAVE a fantastic show for you about money management and good teachers. First, Jean Chatzky (Today Show money editor, one of the original founders of Smart Money magazine, Money magazine writer and more) discusses her financial background, money struggles, and her upcoming Money School. Dominique Brown and PK share lessons learned from great teachers. Joe & OG share strategies of great teachers (and salespeople).

As always, show notes will materialize throughout the day Monday.

Show Notes

Jean Chatzky – Today Show Money Editor

<24:55> Discussion with Dominique Brown, Your Finances Simplified: Best Professor

<31:25> PK’s Fractional Sense: Best Teacher

Let’s Give Something Away

<40:12> Joe & OG – How great teachers (and great salespeople) help you learn – neuro-linguistic programming

<> End show & films: OG – Ted (thumb sideways) and 7 Psychopaths (thumb sideways)
Joe – Salmon Fishing in the Yemen (thumb up)

Any films we should review?

To win the big prize for the contest in the part of the show that doesn’t exist, send your entry to joe at the free financial advisor (dot) com.

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Author: Average Joe

A 16 year veteran of the financial planning and financial media circus. Lover of hamburgers and ice cream.

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    • Ha! Thanks for the nice compliment, Tyler, but you’re right on: you probably need to get out more. ;-)

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    • Dr. Harmon sounds black and white….which I’d think is the world of programming. Yeah, Dominique made a really good point there. Quit giving kids so much leeway. It doesn’t help them grow up.

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    • Both of us will be there! I’m assuming you’re coming, too?

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