What Did We Learn in 2012? (…and a look forward into 2013): Two Guys and Your Money Episode 24:


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Here’s the perfect way to end 2012: one last episode of Two Guys & Your Money!

If you’re interested in making more OR saving more in 2013, we’ve got you covered in this episode. Our mission this week was to ask the question: What should we have learned in 2012?

Big thanks to Laurie Ruettiman of The Cynical Girl fame, as well as Ornella Grosz (Moneylicious), Paula Pant (Afford Anything), Lance (Money Life & More), as well as our usual team of PK (DQYDJ.net), Dominique Brown (Your Finances Simplified) and Barbara Friedberg (Barbara Friedberg Personal Finance).


Show Notes:

<> Top 10 Dumbest Financial Stories of 2012

<> Laurie Ruettiman: What should we have learned about work in 2012?

<> PK:  2012 highlights

<> Ornella Grosz

<> Paula Pant

<> Lance: Money Life & More

<> Barbara Friedberg


<> Dominique Brown

<> Top 5 Things OG & Joe learned in 2012

<> Movies: OG: Jack Reacher, Joe: Playbook Silver Lining


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Author: Average Joe

A 16 year veteran of the financial planning and financial media circus. Lover of hamburgers and ice cream.

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    • I’m beyond giddy. I’m like a little kid who has to pee. Dancin’ dancin’ dancin’!

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    • Of course he did! It’d be horrible if he didn’t….

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    • Now I get it…THAT’S why OG was so excited you were going to be on the show.

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