Spending Plan

Here at FFA, we believe that a solid spending plan is the basis of your entire life. If your life is like mine, though, you don’t have time for some of the usual advice:

– Track every penny

– Make a spreadsheet

– Dutifully cut coupons or ultra-frugal our lives

We’re so busy, my checkbook is like an airport. Sadly, money often flies out seconds after it arrives. With two teenagers and an active business, we’re on theĀ go every day. I needed a different kind of plan.

If you can make a spreadsheet, cut coupons or track pennies….good for you. That’s fantastic. Keep doing it. If you can’t, here are are some tips to help you keep the airport running smoothly.

Here’s what I like to use to automate my financial picture: Budget Spreadsheet on Steroids: A Mint Review

This is how Cheryl & I communicate about our spending: The Twenty-Minute-a-Week Budget: A Busy Couple’s Best Friend

…and finally, as an advisor, this was the single best tip I could give anyone about saving when you think your spending is out of control: Forget 5 Steps to Budget Success: How About One

Even if you can’t track every penny, these tips will help you manage your money like a pro and avoid financial disasters on the runway that is your checkbook.