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Our core belief:

Great people use money as a fuel to reach their true calling. They believe financial goals can be achieved only because they aren’t financial at all; money is only a tool to achieve dreams.

Riches are the result of passion. You can’t “rich” your way to finding your true calling, but that calling can create wealth.

Money management, then, is about balance. How much can you use today and how much needs to be saved to reach tomorrow’s goals?

Great individuals aren’t as interested in growing wealth as they are in fueling their passions.

Two people, one a CFP and the other a former advisor and financial media specialist, created this site to help you manage  money in a way that frees you to find your big “why.”

You can’t take money with you when you die, so let’s start dreaming (but if there’s money left, we’ll show you how to easily transfer it to people or causes you love rather than to attorneys and the government).




We’re happy you’ve joined our little community of like-minded people: those who want objective, straight-forward advice that streamlines your life and that you can implement now. You won’t get the popular but silly “don’t buy a latte” advice (did anyone ever get rich avoiding Starbucks or by clipping coupons? You won’t have to listen to the guy on the radio mix politics, religion and financial advice. No more waiting for the woman on television to wag that ugly finger at another person with credit card debt. Really. Why do people call in to be treated like that?

Instead, we focus on the six areas of financial planning, as defined by the College for Financial Planning. We’ll sometimes point the finger toward “professional” advice that doesn’t make sense. That, and we’ll point you toward  honest advice that works… all from two dudes who got sick of the “put lipstick on the financial product pig” game.

Stick around. Come back often.


Interested in the financial planning tools we use? Want information about how we blog?

We’ve created an Our Tools page with a comprehensive list of all the money management, investment, insurance, and blogging tools we use personally.


Want to know about 2 Guys and Your Money?

Our podcast is growing quickly! If you’ve had trouble finding a podcast that’s more a discussion than a monologue, one that’s more fun and less hard-hitting numbers, you’re in luck. 2 Guys and Your Money is your show.

Each week our cast of characters brings you insight, laughs and sometimes groans.

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From time-to-time, The Free Financial Advisor will receive compensation and/or products and services from companies whose information is presented on these pages.  We promise to give our honest opinions – we won’t sell out for a quick buck – but we should let you know we may get a couple freebies and some cash for posting some things.  We hope that this site becomes a trusted source of knowledgeable and actionable information and we hope that it earns a couple dollars from time to time.  We’ll see how that pans out…

Also, The Free Financial Advisor is NOT an investment advisor and the comments posted herein are opinions of the authors.  While they have been professionals at one time, since AverageJoe is not currently a registered investment advisor or broker, his opinion should be considered that of a professional amateur.  Follow our advice at your own risk – we cannot and will not be held responsible for your independent decisions.  (Our lawyers made us put in that last paragraph).