What Jobs to Choose in 2014


It is well know that jobs were not created equal, and some of them are better in terms of social utility, some are more profitable, and some are simply considered better than others. Most people choose their careers according to their personal skills and likings, but knowing what will come next and what to expect from the labor market in couple years is a good thing to consider. Thus, here are some of the most popular jobs in US that are expected to remain as popular and increase the number of specialists needed in the nearest future.

Software Developer

If you have ever been addicted to computer game or you cannot part from your mobile phone, you may blame these people. Software developers may be working in various spheres of development – from constructing computer software and games for your tablet to building new operating systems. The IT technology is getting more and more powerful every day, and The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts about 150.000 positions created in the sphere during the following ten years.


Not all lawyers spend their lives at courts, as it is depicted in the movies – there are plenty of opportunities you can get, like attorney jobs, representing businesses and individuals, legal counseling, and lots of others. The field is expected to offer about 70.000 new jobs, so you can try yourself at legal system.


It is not only Hollywood stars that want to have a gorgeous white teeth – everyone wants to be able to smile freely. And dentists are here for use to treat teeth and gums, and counsel on maintaining good oral health. They say the profession is about to add more than 20.000 new jobs following years.

Information Security Analyst

As long as analysts monitor and plan the security in computer networks, you see they are extremely important in today’s digitals world. For that reason no one should be surprised by the increase in the field for about 35%. If you want to become a part of secure future and stay one step ahead of cyber terrorists – this might be a good career choice for you.

Mechanical Engineer

You may be surprised by the low unemployment rate of the profession, and high median salary (which is about $80.000), but if you are left-brain thinking person, you might consider the job of mechanical engineer. Another pleasure of the job is seeing like something you’ve created as a design on the paper, becomes the real product. 

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    Neat article. I am sure all the computer geeks will love the thought of designing video games for a living. Another career that has great potential is real estate agent or even a real estate appraiser. There is always a need for full-time qualified real estate professionals – not the fly by night do-it-on-the-side guys but the ones that went to college to get the skills.

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