Teaching Children About Money – Stacking Benjamins Episode #1

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The Stacking Benjamins website isn’t yet ready, but the first episode of our new podcast is complete and hot off the grill! THE Shannon Ryan from The Heavy Purse joins us in the basement to talk about educating children about money. Not looking forward to bored kids this summer? You’re in luck. Shannon’s brought some great tips that we know you’re gonna love.

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Coming later this week:

Wednesday – We introduce PK from DQYDJ (wait till you hear his new intro….) and Kathryn, the Makin’ Sense Babe. Also we have a couple stats from Bank of America that are worth talking about.

Friday – Len Penzo and Dominique Brown make their debut on Stacking Benjamins by interviewing each other about their values, financial goals and money habits. Joe & OG discuss movies for the first time on the new show.

And now….show notes!




<> Open

<> Show affiliate: Expedia.com

<> The Stacking Benjamins Manifesto: There is only one route to wealth.

<> Interview: Shannon Ryan from The Heavy Purse – 5 Steps To Teach Kids About Money This Summer

Shannon Ryan on Stacking Benjamins podcast

Shannon Ryan shares some cool tips to make your summer easier.


Shannon Ryan is a CFP who believes strongly in the value of financial education. We’re glad she could visit the basement to share some not-so-obvious tips. These hints will make the summer easier for you as a parent and more fun for children.


Don’t have children? Check out these tips anyway. Shannon’s approach is familiar because she’s teaching kids early the same skills that many adults struggle to internalize.


Link to Shannon’s book The Heavy Purse & her Money Club workbooks.


<> End Show


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    • Average Joe says

      I love their tutorial. I’m glad you can listen! I hope it doesn’t take all day to download an episode.

    • Average Joe says

      It’s like your birthday and your favorite holidays all rolled into one half hour of goodness, Jacob!


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