2 Guys & Your Money Episode #15: Top 5 Ways to Increase Your Investment Returns

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My favorite number: 15…that is, until we reach episode #16. Someone asked me which podcast episode I like best so far….it will ALWAYS be the one that I did last. They’re all my babies…but this one is the best yet.

On this exciting installment of our podcast, OG is back from the House of Mouse and helps us show you some thrilling ways to tweak those investment returns.

I know, I can’t believe it either. Why are you still reading this? Start listening!


Show Notes

<> Open – Side Hustle. Great idea or waste of energy?

<> PK: Consistency in your investment portfolio.

<> Let’s Give Something Away: This month we’re GIVING AWAY a copy of classic business book The E-Myth (maybe the best business book of all time). Interested in getting better results at work? Read this book!

What do you have to do to win? Tweet about the giveaway, like us on Facebook or guess the voice on the show. Three easy ways to enter. Already liked us on Facebook?




<> Shortwave: Len is back and joins Carrie and Dom in a great discussion on fees in every area of your financial life.

Interested in our contributors? Visit our Podcast Team page

<> Top 5: Our best five ways to increase your investment results

<> End Show:

OG – What he liked at Disney

Joe – Frankenweenie film (Thumb up!)

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    • Average Joe says

      Ha! Of course you’d know him…that’s where that wicked sense of humor comes from. We actually saw him live one time in Lansing, Michigan. Fun show except that the people in front of us were smoking and it was all going up our nose….


  1. […] Second, performance isn’t the only thing that matters….and I’m not just saying that because I’m a guy. Historical performance is worth noting, but it’s not, as they say, indicative of future performance.  We do believe, however, that performance does persist – there is investment momentum.  What matters more than past performance? Simply put, volatility, tax considerations and overall asset allocation should be equally considered. It’s paramount to create a portfolio that compliments your long-term investing goals. Remember that the ones that shoot up fast are also the ones that crash quickly. Volatility is a two way street. Listen to ways your investments could be more successful on our podcast: 2 Guys & Your Money Episode: Top 5 Ways to Improve Your Investment Returns […]

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